9 Carpet Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Carpets Clean in Winter

It is difficult to keep carpets clean in winter because there is more dirt, debris, snow, and rain. However, some people think it is a bad idea to clean carpets in winter. Regular carpet cleaning in winter not only leaves your carpets clean and soft, but it also increases the lifespan of your carpets. And do not leave stains on your carpets because they cause discoloration and they can damage your carpets.

The following are carpet cleaning tips to keep your carpets clean in winter.

1. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda keeps carpets smelling fresh for a long time. You want your carpets to smell clean, so sprinkle baking soda on your carpets before vacuuming them. Sprinkle a light dusting of baking soda over the carpet. Then, leave the baking soda to settle for a few minutes.

2. Vacuum Your Carpets

Vacuuming your carpets regularly can help keep stains and dirt from setting in and damaging your carpets. Vacuum your carpets immediately after sprinkling baking soda. Do not vacuum once a month during winter, but vacuum twice a week to make sure your carpets remain clean all the time.

3. Clean Spots Immediately

If you see any marks or stains on your carpets, use a spot cleaner to clean them immediately. So, clean stains and spills immediately. This is because they cause discoloration if they are left to settle in. Spot cleaners are perfect for cleaning spots because they do not damage carpets and they are effective.

4. Use Mats

A mat protects carpets from dirt and grime. Place a sturdy outdoor mat. Your children, family, and guests will use the mat to wipe loose dirt, mud, and snow before entering your home. This prevents people from walking over your carpets with loose dirt, mud, and snow. Mats can keep your carpets clean for a long time.

5. Outdoors

Children and pets play outdoors. So, they can bring dirt and debris inside your house if your outdoors contain snow or ice, debris, and dirt. That is why it is important to keep your outdoors clean if you want your carpets to remain clean during winter. Therefore, shovel or sweep your steps, deck, and perch. If you work in your garage, make sure the floor is always clean.

6. Use a Dehumidifier

Carpets retain moisture during winter because of humid temperatures. Also, the dirt and mud, which people and pets bring into your house, can make your carpets wet. Using a dehumidifier to suck in the moisture in your room and carpets can help keep the carpet dry all the time. It is easy to clean a dry carpet.

7. Use Carpet Protection

Are your carpets protected? It is easy to protect carpets these days. Do not just leave them because it is difficult to control your pets and children, especially when they are at home. Adding carpet protection keeps your carpets clean. By the way, it is much easier to clean the rug that protects your carpet than to clean the whole carpet.

8. Deep Clean Your Carpets

Deep cleaning your carpets can help protect your carpets and keep them clean. You can deep clean your carpets twice a year. Vacuuming helps to keep the carpet clean. Deep cleaning removes all the dirt and mud in the carpet. And it prevents mold growth. Dry your carpets completely after deep cleaning them.

9. Hire a Carpet Cleaning Service

Want to save time? Hire a professional carpet cleaning service to keep your carpets clean all the time. Get a carpet cleaning quote from a few different companies so you get a good deal. These services not only know how to properly clean carpets, but they will also come with the right cleaning detergents and tools for cleaning carpets. Hiring a carpet cleaning service saves time and money.

These are the best cleaning tips to keep your carpets clean in winter.