How To Clean Your Carpets Before Storing Them?

Do you have rugs at home? Do you spend time cleaning the rugs to keep them in good condition? Who else and who least always enjoy at home that beautiful carpet in the living room, the same one that children or pets dirty every day.

You may have one in your room, or you may be a fan of them and have practically the house “lined.” However, there is always a problem with carpets. They give the home a more intimate and elegant atmosphere, but it costs a lot to clean and keep them in good condition.

Not only do they catch odors, but they are a more than ideal setting for the dreaded mites to occupy and allergies to appear.

What can we do? Do not worry; today, we give you simple remedies.

The good weather and the heat are already coming, and every day we are closer to the summer. So it is time to decide what to do with the rugs: leave them on or remove and store them until they cool down again. But before doing it, we must clean them well to have them ready next season. How to clean them? Although it is recommended to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, we provide you with some homemade tips so that when you put them back, they are in perfect condition:

• Although we do regular cleaning of our rugs throughout the winter and it seems to be perfectly clean, daily use means that, when storing them, they need much more thorough cleaning. We can do this cleaning at home, but what is really recommended is that we take it to a specialized place so that they are in perfect condition. But if we do, we must:
• Vacuum and remove all accumulated dust. If a vacuum cleaner is not available, use a broom brush with very soft bristles. After sweeping, you can shake the mat for a better result.
• If you have what you need for steam cleaning, use white vinegar and water.
• Cleaning stains by mixing water with ammonia and vinegar. Warm water will make the job easier. Sometimes stains are really tough and a carpet cleaning service might be needed.
• For grease stains, clean with liquid detergent dissolved in water and for food stains, use a cloth with vinegar.
• To revive the colors, sprinkle the carpet with fine salt, leave to act for several hours and vacuum. Salt will absorb moisture and stains.
For recent stains, even wet, you can use hydrogen peroxide. In some cases, it has been recommended for red wine stains. But first, you must remove the excess liquid with kitchen paper.
• Once clean, keep the rug rolled up. It is the way in which it takes up less space, and we will avoid wrinkles and stretching that can later leave marks on the carpet.
• Wherever we keep them, put naphthalene balls, especially if our carpet is made of natural fibre, silk, wool, etc. In case they are acrylic, it is also convenient to put them since the base of the carpet is usually jute, and it can be attacked by insects.
• Store rugs in a clean, dry place.
• Wrap them with an old sheet so that they do not catch dust.
• In case there is a little humidity in the place where we store them, use desiccant balls to prevent this humidity from reaching our carpet and damaging it.